Our Story

During a recent visit to the Gordon House, I found myself comparing the architecture to other Wright sites. I noticed stylistic patterns that I had seen before at another Frank Lloyd Wright house. But, I couldn't remember which building (was it Taliesin, the Robie House, or somewhere else?). As I was reflecting on the design and trying to recall where I had been, I realized other people on the tour were doing the same thing. We all needed a way to track and deepen our experiences of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture. And so, the Wright Passport was born. 
I hope this notebook will help us go further in our architectural journeys and encourage new reflections along the way.

- Elisabeth Hass, Founder


About the founder

My appreciation of Frank Lloyd Wright began in New York City while studying art history and philosophy at the New School. During my freshman year, I enrolled in a course focused on the Guggenheim Museum - its history, its modern day inner workings and, of course, its architecture. I became fascinated with Wright's philosophy and spent the following summer volunteering at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio. Since then, I've visited many Wright buildings and continue to be inspired by his philosophy. 

Favorite Frank Lloyd Wright House:
Heurtley House

Top Of My Wright Bucket List:
Fallingwater, Price Tower, and Laurent House

Favorite Frank Lloyd Wright Quote:
“The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”


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